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Walking Netball

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Walking Netball is exactly what it sounds like: netball played at a slower, more joint-friendly pace. It’s one part exercise class, one part netball, tailored for senior players who still want to soak up the physical and social parts of the sport. Age and fitness don’t matter too much. It’s more about getting out there to play netball and stay active.

Why play Walking Netball?

The slower pace of Walking Netball comes with a bunch of health benefits. It’s good for balance, coordination, building strength and flexibility, even boosting circulation. Perfect if you’re looking to ease back into physical activity. The social side is important too: you can make new friends, get out of the house, and be part of a team.

Want to play Walking Netball?

There are plenty of Walking Netball programs around New South Wales. You can find a local game here.

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Ready to start playing Walking Netball?
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